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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blog Post #8

I have learned so much already this semester about the ways to use technology and different resources to teach students at the elementary level. I have two daughters that are in elementary school, and I hope that they will have teachers to use some of these great resources in the future. The blogs of the students that are in the same grade level as my daughter just amazes me, that they are getting to experience blogging already.

I was even more impressed by all the resources that are available, as I explored the given resources and then the other ones that I found on my own. I found the fizz


  1. It is amazing to see young children using a blog at such a young age! It is also interesting to see what they have to say and hearing what they are learning about as well!

  2. Rather quickly done it appears.

    Fizz looks interesting. I will explore further.

    Some is plural. Did you find any other useful tools? Next semester this assignment will read Find at least three tools….