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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

C4K summary April

C4K # 9

Sulaman did a post this week about if a undercover cop came to his school. His blog post was very short but basically he wrote that he would help the officer "fit in" if he came to his school. Sulaman said he would help him dress appropriately and help him find where to go. I commented to Sulaman that I thought it was very kind of him to want to help out the police.

C4K #10

Mckenzie T was the student I was assigned to this week. She wrote her blog post about if she owned her own business. She wrote that she would have bakery/coffee shop that was also a small book store. I commented to Mckenzie that I knew she had to put a lot of thought into her business idea. I also told her I thought it was a wonderful business idea and think she should follow through with her idea when she grows up. 

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