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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blog Post 5

Pyramid of PBL
What did you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps?

The video interviews on Project Based Learning with Dr. Strange and Anthony Capps gave a lot of information on how Mr. Capps a real and current 3rd grade teacher used PBL in his classroom. Anthony teaches third grade in Gulf Shores, AL just a short drive away from here in Mobile. Mr. Capps explained how as teachers through PBL we must allow the students to learn the content through the project, rather than reflect on content through the project. He also explained that the students need to feel the reward and satisfaction of their own success in learning new material in the project. Mr. Capps gave many examples of different projects he had used in his classroom, and suggested that not all projects are going to go exactly as planned. But he also encouraged the listeners that "student choice" is key to making the Project Based Learning experience successful.

In the video "Tips for Teachers Part 1" Dr. Strange and Mr. Capps both gave some very good insight and tips for teachers who are just starting out in the education world. - always be a learner - teachers hobby is continuously learning and studying how to be a better teacher -teaching is hard but rewarding - flexibility is key - starting with the end in mind - get kids engaged 100% engagement is the goal - Reflection and revise when needed

In the video "Don't teach tech use it" Dr. Strange and Mr. Capps talked about how as teachers we should not incorporate how to use technology in our curriculum. That instead we should just use the technology in our lessons and allow the students to work through how to use it. Mr. Capps referred to this as a scaffolding start with a simpler form of technology and gradually build up to something more complex.

Until this class I had never heard of "icurio" and listening the way that Mr. Capps used this resource in his classroom I am simply amazed. Mr. Capps explained that his students use the icurio as a search engine to search text, audio and video. But he also explained that a good feature was that students and teachers could store content with out fear of losing the work.


  1. Great post! I also had never heard of iCurio before this class. It is amazing the new things we are learning that we can use in our future classrooms. Just as you said, teachers are constantly learning and this class definitely gives us a feel for that. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Don't forget to include link to the original sources.