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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Post 6

PLNs What are they? How can they be used? Built?

PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. PLNs provide a source for teachers to connect and link together in amazing ways. PLNS allow teachers from all over to link useful information together and share with one another in the education community. I had never even heard of PLNs before this blog assignment. I think this resource is so interesting and very efficient in organizing a lot of resources and apps in one centralized location.

When you create your own PLN using a website like Symbaloo you can add different apps or "tiles" to create your own personalized PLN. I created mine and uploaded some of my favorite websites such as twitter, facebook, Pinterest, You Tube etc. Then I also added some new resources that I found through the search engine on the site.



  1. I don't see any content to this post... Or your Book Trailer. Perhaps there is some technical issues?

  2. Thanks. I am going to try and fix whatever happen.

  3. You forgot to add a working link into your post. Remember that each blog post needs to have working links!