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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blog Post 4

What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher? 

After looking over all the resources for blog assignment 4 I realize that asking questions effectively is vital to being a effective teacher. I have set in countless classrooms where the teacher waits till the last 5 minutes of class and ask the class if they have any questions. I know see how ineffective that strategy is. As a future teacher I hope to use more effective questions asking to enhance my students thought process. I like the suggestions used in one of the resources given to always ask a variety of different questions. 

Some things to remember while planning questions to ask who will you call on, what type of questions will you ask. If the teacher calls on one student does the other students thought process stop because the pressure is off of them? The resources say yes so this is a less effective way to ask questions. I really like the idea of asking a question then pausing for a few moments so that the entire class was the time to process the questions before the teacher calls on the chosen student. 

As teachers we have to spend time preparing questions to ask our students just like we prepare the lesson plan and content and everything else. Also while preparing specific lessons, take some time to think about questions our students may ask us and come up with the best answer to better prepare, to answer their questions. Lastly I found a really good point in the resources given for this blog, as educators we can't ever stop learning from our students. So with that we need to be prepared to listen to the questions our students ask and maybe we need to take notes and use that question to enhance our lesson plan for the next time. 

I hope to use all this information to teach my student and ask question effectively. Ask questions often using different types of questions and calling randomly so that everyone gets a chance to answer at some point. 

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  1. Great post, but remember to cite your sources with links within your writing, using the correct HTML codes.

  2. Your post was great! You just have to proofread before you post it. I noticed a few words were not what you wanted them to be, but I understood what you were trying to say.