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Saturday, February 28, 2015

C4K Summary

C4K 1

Sindy G wrote her blog this week about Thanksgiving and how she cooked mashed potatoes with her mom. I commented back to her telling I also enjoyed Thanksgiving and that my kids always love to help me cook big meals.

C4K 2

This week I was assigned Paige from Ms. Leatherwood's class. Her blog was about the baseball player Alex Rodriguez and his drug use. Paige wrote how Rodriguez was the greatest third baseman and she hoped that he would play again soon. She also gave some good information about how much money he made in a year and how much of that he spent on drugs. I commented back to her that I enjoyed her formative and opinionated post. I agreed with her on her points that "peer pressure" was no excuse for drug use and that everyone deserved a second chance.

C4K 3

Myla wrote her blog this week about a book she read called "Stone Fox". She gave a very good summary of the book she had read and encouraged her blog readers to read the book. I commented back to her that I enjoyed her post and asked her some questions like " Did she have a dog?". 

C4K 4

My comment for kids this week wrote her blog about a book she was reading called “Wonder Struck”. She gave some detail about the book but left the reader of her blog wondering what was going to happen next in the book. I complimented her on that fact that she didn’t give all the details of the book away in her post. She did a great job of leaving her audience questioning what was going to happen next and want to read the book.

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