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Sunday, February 8, 2015

C4T Summary

Week 1 C4T
Karl Fisch expressed her feeling about grades in her blog titled " What grade should they get". She is very strongly against grades and basing a students grade on percentages. She gives several examples of hypothetical situations where a student could actually turns in an assignment and receives full credit but it makes the total weighted grade go down. She also gave some real examples of how three teachers in her building graded differently for the sames assignments and students got the same grades but scored differently in the class.

Week 2 C4T

Karl Fisch wrote in her blog titled " If I had a million dollars" this blog was about her school district spending a million dollars on chrome book for the students at the high school. But the problem with that was because they had been asking for funds to provide netbooks or laptops for the students for a while. But not until the required test had to be taken on computers did the money become available. Then she felt like the money was wasted because a majority of the students had their own devices that they had access to through the "bring my own device" program. She said the the laptops just stayed in storage for most of the time while not being used for testing. She felt like there was a lot of other ways to spend the money to help the district. She gave some examples of that of hiring extra teacher and letting the schools place them where they needed them most.


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