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Saturday, March 21, 2015

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What can we learn from Mrs. Cassidy?
We can learn a lot from Mrs. Cassidy's approach to the use of technology in her classroom. I was certainly amazed by what the first grade students were capable of doing in her first video. The level of excitement that the students expressed about working on the projects in her class was very encouraging to me as a future educator.

The first grade students were able to create their own blogs and were very encouraged by the fact that they could see improvement in their work as they progressed through the course. The students in the video talked about how they enjoyed publishing their work for others to see, they also liked that they could read comments from people about their work. Mrs. Cassidy's students showed their knowledge about internet safety by talking about only using first names and not correlating students pictures with their names. As a future educator I can learn a lot from Mrs. Cassidy and how she used technology in her classroom.

I think Mrs. Cassidy had a very interesting perspectives that she expressed in her Cassidy 13 Part 1 she talked about how technology is not going away this really stuck with me. We can see that technology is not going to disappear it is going to continue to progress and become even more apart of our lives than it already is (hard to believe because its in our hands every second already). I also thought it was very shocking that Mrs. Cassidy actually did not use technology in her personal life as she said in the Skype video. But I really like her suggestion when Dr. Strange asked her about where she would suggest students start. She stated that we should start in the area that interest us the most what ever we are most passionate about start there weather it be videos, blogs, photography etc.

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