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Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog Post # 9

What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

In the first article Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning it references that every good project needs to fulfill two criteria one) "students must perceive the work as personally meaningful" two) project must fulfill an educational purpose. The article gave a very descriptive evaluation of the "Seven essential elements" for Project Based Learning. According to the article the seven essential elements are as follows.
1. Need to Know
2. Driving question
3. Students voice and choice
4. 21st century skills
5. Inquiry and Innovation
6. Feedback and Revision
7. A publicly presented product.

In the video Project Based Learning for Teachers it highlights all the key points of PBL from a teaching stand point. In a sense motivates teachers to be inspired by the potentials of using project based learning in their classroom. The benefits of using project based learning is that is requires students to go deeper in the material. It prepares them for college and life after school, communication skills, life skills and the ability to problem solve.

The video What motivates Students Today was the most inspiring resource we had for this weeks blog assignment. Some of the answers of students who were fairly young of what motivates them was amazing. Some of these kids who had to have been in elementary school, were motivated now because they wanted a better future when they grew up. A lot of the students had decided what they wanted to be when they grew up, and knew they had to be successful now in school to achieve those goals later in life. Of course there were students in the video who were motivated by being acknowledged or by some sort of awards system. But overall I was very impressed with the answers from these students as to what motivates them.

Ten Sites Supporting Digital Classroom Collaboration in Project Based Learning is an excellent resource for teachers to use as a guide for incorporating technology and project based learning in their classroom. There are several sites that I haven't heard of before and after reviewing found very interesting.

I choose the Project Based Learning In PE for my last resource because I read one of my fellow classmates blog about not knowing how they would use PBL in physical education. This article gave a good idea on how to use PBL even in physical education. The idea was for high school students to create physical fitness  plans for middle school students.

I think that teachers and students can teach us everything about Project Based Learning. Through the resources given within in this blog along with numerous others throughout this semester we have been shown the way to teach using project based learning. As students in this class we have been shown how to learn through project based learning. The benefits are obvious its just now in our hands to take what he have learn and use it in our future classrooms.

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  1. Hi Jennifer, this was a really great post! I found that these videos were really helpful with leaning more about PBL and its many aspects! I agree with your comment that teachers and students can and will teach us about Project Based Learning! Awesome Post!